The Jet Express: Located in downtown port clinton the Jet will transport you to downtown Put-In-Bay. The Jet Express will offer late night service to ensure you’ll be able to leave after the event if you so desire. For additional details visit: jet-express.com. Concert goers planning to stay later in the evening should ride jet express they will be adding later boats to their schedule. When you get off the jet on the island you can travel to the airport via taxi, golf cart or bus. The bus depot is located one block from the jet express. There are numerous golf cart rental locations throughout downtown.



The Miller Ferry: Located on Catawba Island, the Miller Ferry transports vehicles and people. The Miller Ferry will run extra boats after the event. After the concert, Miller Ferry will have trips leaving Put-in-Bay as frequently as every 20 minutes, until 12:00 am/midnight, to transport passengers back to the mainland. Note: no vehicles will be transported off the island after 6pm. For additional information and to purchase online tickets visit: Millerferry.com



Flying: No you can’t do that the airport is closed for the concert.

Private Boats: We suggest you either reserve a dock or get there early. We expect all docks and tie off bouys to be filled to capacity! This may happen as early as wednesday Sunday, August 22nd. Book now as there is very limited dock space left. You can also dock at Middle Bass Marina link middlebassferry.net and ride the Sonny- S to Put in Bay. Check visitputinbay.com for dockage and marinas.

Are you going to Bash on the Bay, but couldn't get a room on Put-in-Bay? Reserve a hotel on the mainland and ride the Jet Express! You can reserve your tickets on the Jet Express right now by clicking here


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