Security will direct you to specific parking areas. There will be a $10 charge to park on airport grounds.
Notice: Do not park in any unauthorized area. Your cart will be removed and returned to the rental agency.

Car parking: Signage will indicate where vehicles are to be parked, however car parking is limited.

Entrance gates will be located in the airport on the tarmac in front of the terminal and on the South end of the runway. There will be no gate entrance directly to the concert area off of Langram Rd. (Airport Rd).

Food, soft drinks, water, and alcohol will be available for purchase inside the venue.

Concert and artist merchandise will be available inside the venue for purchase.

Notice: After the event bus & taxi service will be at the North gate for transportation downtown. If you are using the Miller Ferry please exit the South ticketing area as there will be no taxis available to take you there and Langram Rd. will be closed to vehicle traffic. This is approximately a one quarter mile walk to the Ferry.

Handicapped area is located at the helipad and can be accessed off of Langram Rd. All security personnel can give directions to this area.


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